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Earth & Star Organic Adaptogen Cold Brew Coffee, Black, 8oz (Pack of 12)

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- Your Daily Blend + Benefits: Immunity, Energy, Focus and Calm.In one convenient little can of deliciousness
- Immune Support: Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune fortifiying.
- High Functioning: Packed with a whopping 2000mg of functional extracts to support focus, stress and stamina.
- Super Delicious: Just as tasty as your favorite daily bevvie, minus the junky stuff like stevia, sunflower oil, “natural flavors” and gums. 

Lions Mane
Lion’s Mane mushrooms are known to improve memory, boost concentration and support cognitive function. Lift the morning fog.

This wonderfully weird looking mushroom acts to sustain energy and enhance athletic performance by increasing oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity. Oh, and it's known to boost libido and support adrenals.

Considered the Queen of Mushrooms, this shady lady has been used for thousands of years to support and balance hormones, allowing your body to relax and recover during the night, as nature intended.

Chaga acts as the ultimate adaptogen for your immune system and is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world.

Why We Chose our Fab Four
Combining the benefits of several functional mushrooms delivers what is known as an entourage effect, which amplifies their benefits. (Kinda like Vinny Chase was nothing without his Entourage…)

Derived from green tea leaves, theanine is an amino acid that reduces anxiety while increasing alertness and concentration.

Did you know that even smelling coffee can change the way your brain functions? Whether it's for the antioxidants or the energy boost, coffee is the world’s most widely used superfood. And lucky for you, our brew is blended with adaptogens, which means no crash and no jitters.