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Hearty Puppy Dog Treats 8oz GREATFUL GREEN (1 BOX)

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  • SUPERFOOD heart shaped vegan dog treat made with 100% Natural Human Grade Ingredients
  • FREE of Artificial Flavors, Colors and Preservatives NON Gmo meatless and grain free.
  • POWERFUL BLEND of Apples and Spirulina two SUPERFOODS. Ingredients include whole wheat flour, water, coconut oil, rye flour, and wheat bran. Contains wheat, rye and nuts (coconut).

Hearty Puppy was born when a veterinarian and a French pastry chef decided to create a better way to show love to our dogs. Hearty Puppy uses only the finest, healthiest ingredients including specially chosen superfoods.

Give your heart to the dog you love. Give your dog Hearty Puppy.

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Powered by Turmeric and Carrots

Hearty Puppy's Youthful Yellow blend features the power of Turmeric and Carrots,two superfoods renowned for their anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties.


Powered by Carob and Chia Seeds

Hearty Puppy's Blissful Brown blend features the power of Carob and Chia Seeds, two superfoods that are highly valued for their incredible nutrients.


Powered by Apples and Spirulina

Hearty Puppy's Grateful Green blend features the power of Apples and Spirulina, two superfoods that are valued for being highly nutritious and delicious.


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