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La Bella Vita Coffee Pods for Nespresso Machines, Forte, 2 Sleeves (20 Capsules) - Oasis Snacks

La Bella Vita Coffee Pods for Nespresso Machines, Forte, 2 Sleeves (20 Capsules)

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- LA BELLA FORTE offers a lingering hint of cocoa and a rich aftertaste of toasted bread.
- ROBUST flavor that can not be resisted.
- UNIQUE strong blend of beans carefully chosen from some of the world's best coffee growing nations including Indonesia, Brazil, India, and the African plateaus of Uganada and Ethiopia.
- RICH quality and strong aroma will fill your kitchen with an amazing smell and enhance your morning routine.
- COMPATIBLE capsule to work well in your Nepresso Machines. 100% recyclable like any other plastics you recycle.
- INNOVATIVE and air tight casule that will maximize your coffee freshness.

la bella vita

About La Bella Vita

La Bella Vita coffee was created so people can enjoy the taste of the good life. La Bella Vita's specifically selected coffee beans are grown in lush tropical coffee plantations around the world and then small batch roasted by Italian master coffee roasters. La Bella Vita's specially crafted blends can be enjoyed as as a powerful espresso or a luxurious cappuccino. Each blend is an homage to the wonder and beauty that is Italy.


La Bella Vita Forte

  • La Bella Vita's Forte blend perfectly matches the rich landscapes of Italy, the leading coffee nation.
  • Forte offers a lingering hint of cocoa and a rich aftertaste of toasted bread. Its robust taste is irresistible!