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LION Dandelion Prebiotic Tea, Blackberry Rose, 10 oz (Pack of 12)

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- REFRESHING & RESTORATIVE - LION Tea is the most delicious and refreshing way to get the amazing healing benefits of dandelion tea.
- AIDS LIVER AND KIDNEY DETOX - Dandelion root tea flushes the body of toxins, helping to clear up skin impurities, cleanse your liver, and even cure a hangover or two
- BOOST IMMUNITY - Studies show that dandelion boosts immune function and fights off microbes and fungi that can be harmful to your body.
- REDUCE BLOAT - Dandelion leaf tea acts as a natural detox and diuretic, helping to cleanse the liver of toxins and shed excess water weight.
- ORGANIC - Herbal Detox Tea made with All Natural non-GMO ingredients, Caffeine Free, Kosher, no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

LION Dandelion Tea is a dangerously refreshing detox and digestive tea that delivers all of the healing benefits of the dandelion root, dandelion leaf, and dandelion flower without the harsh aftertaste. Detoxifying, restorative and delicious, LION Tea is the gateway beverage to great gut health.

Each case comes with 12 10-ounce glass bottles

LION Dandelion Teas are carefully crafted from the dandelion root, dandelion leaf and dandelion flower. We then add in all natural and organic superfruits and herbs to make the most delicious dandelion tea you’ve ever tasted. What fruits and herbs you ask? We combine juicy blood orange with ginger root, dandelions with just a hint of mint, detoxifying lemon with just a touch of organic honey, a decadent strawberry lavender tea, and a one-of-a-kind dandelion blueberry hibiscus tea. There’s even an unsweetened for those looking for no sugar teas. Refreshing and restorative, each dandelion tea is meant to gently stimulate the liver, support healthy digestion and detoxify the system while providing a deliciously refreshing kick of functional flavor.

Plants As Medicine - Dandelions (and many other herbal teas) have been healing people for thousands and thousands of years. Many of the solutions to what ails us can be found right in our backyard.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

lion tea dandelion detox digestion aid bloat relief antioxidant dandelion tea organic

LION Dandelion Tea - Unsweetened

Breaking up with sugar? LION Tea UNSWEETENED will be your shoulder to lean on! This baby has all the gut healing and anti-bloating magic of dandelion root, dandelion leaf and dandelion flower without any sugar whatsoever. Drink 1, drink a ton, either way, your digestion has won!

lion tea dandelion detox digest bloat relief antioxidant prebiotic

Our Story - Why We Created LION Tea

In 2009, dandelion tea helped save LION Tea Founder Ray DeRosa’s eyesight from a rare eye condition called Leber’s. He then discovered the many other healing powers dandelions possess and created LION Tea to spread them with the world.

The amazing health benefits of dandelion tea are enjoyed by people all around the globe as a digestive aid, a detox tea, a herbal remedy or as a coffee replacement. Our mission was to create a ready to drink dandelion tea that tastes as good as it makes you feel. LION Tea is that drink… Enjoy a bottle and taste the refreshing difference.

lion dandelion tea whole plant organic detox digest

The Whole Plant Story

Dandelion Root Tea - Dandelion root carries a powerful insulin fiber called prebiotics. These work wonders with your probiotics to help improve digestion and overall gut health. Dandelion Leaf Tea - Dandelion leaf is commonly used as a natural detoxifier and diuretic. It helps cleanse the liver, flush out your system of built-up toxins, and eliminate excess water weight and bloat.

Dandelion Detox Tea - When you support a healthy digestion and everyday detox, you’ll notice serious improvements to your overall health and gut health. Some see clearer skin, stronger immunity, sharper energy, increased focus, and improved regularity.

Better For You Botanicals - Superfruits and botanicals like lemon, blood orange, ginger, blueberry, hibiscus, mint, strawberry, and lavender provide an extra boost of antioxidants, nutrients, and good for your gut ingredients to our already powerful dandelion detox and digestion teas.

Our other amazing flavor choices

lion tea dandelion mint detox digest immune system bloat prebiotics

lion tea dandelion whole plant strawberry lavender

lion tea dandelion drink beverage blood orange ginger

LION Tea Mint

Dandelion and mint are a match made in herbal tea heaven! In addition to the crazy detox properties of the dandelion leaf, dandelion root, and dandelion flower, Mint helps to speed and ease digestion while soothing the system after a big meal or shaky subway ride.

LION Tea Strawberry Lavender

This decadent combination of strawberry, lavender and whole plant dandelion tea tastes like a beverage that earns a 7-figure income. Each detoxifying and restorative herbal ingredient elevates your taste buds and cleanses your liver of the things that don’t belong.

LION Tea Blood Orange Ginger

Ginger root is like a soothing hug for an upset stomach and when combined with a refreshing squeeze of blood orange and a handful of homegrown dandelions, it’s that next level gut healing feeling! A fan favorite, Blood Orange Ginger is shaping up to be the KING of LION Dandelion Teas.

lion tea lemon honey dandelion drink beverage detox digestion bloat

lion tea dandelion drink beverage whole plant blueberry hibiscus

LION Tea Lemon and Honey

Lemon promotes a healthy detox, is packed with vitamin C, improves skin quality, supports weight loss, the list goes on! And guess what happens when we combine our lovely lemon with our freshly brewed dandelion tea? SUPER HUMAN MAGIC. THAT’S WHAT.

LION Tea Blueberry Hibiscus

Blueberries for antioxidants, hibiscus for anti-inflammatory and dandelions for anti-bloating, hangovers and nasty breakouts. What could be better?? This refreshing dandelion, blueberry and hibiscus tea concoction is a triple treat for your hard working bod.