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Slate High Protein Dark Chocolate Milk, 11 oz Can (Pack of 12)

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-DELICIOUS: Smooth, creamy, mouthwatering chocolate milk. Is there anything better? We've revolutionized our favorite childhood drink for the modern-day diet
-LESS SUGAR, MORE PROTEIN: We filter out most of milk's natural sugar (lactose) using a series of filters, also referred to as ultrafiltration
-LACTOSE FREE: Love chocolate milk but hate the tummy ache after? All of our cans are lactose-free
-SOURCED FROM FAMILY FARMS: We source our milk from family-owned dairy farms here in the United States that are fully compliant under the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and make sure the cows are well-fed
-SHELF STABLE: We use the same pasteurization technique as canned coffee drinks. Without preservatives, using this process, we can deliver products safely to your door without refrigeration. However, drink it cold for the best taste!

Slate Milk


We've become conditioned to believe everything that tastes good is bad for our health. Here at Slate, we respectfully disagree. Because while we're all just trying to be a little healthier, we can't help that constant craving for something sweet.