Boxed Water: better for the environment, better for you!

Flow Flavored Water

First off, why not? We all grew up drinking milk out of a carton. But the real reason is that it’s much, much better for the environment than a plastic bottle. Humans drink tons of water, and plenty of it comes out of a plastic bottle. Flow has changed the game. - Their packaging is 100% recyclable, including even its plant-based cap. The paperboard pack comes from responsibly harvested trees, and a thin layer of aluminum foil on the inside shields the water from oxygen, sunlight and contamination. 

A BPA-free layer of plastic film protects Flow’s beautiful packaging. The bottle - er, carton, - is designed to have a low carbon footprint. Used cartons are converted into paper towels, writing paper, tissue paper and plenty of other paper-based products. 

Flow’s packaging is awesome. It looks cool and is great for the environment. But what's on the inside of the carton?

Flow Alkaline Spring Water is just as good for you as its packaging is for the environment. Sourced from springs in Virginia and Ontario, Flow water originates as rain and snow given to us from the clouds above. The water travels through the natural grounds of the Earth until it reaches the aquifer. On its way, it touches soil, sand, clay, and limestone! Of course, the impurities are naturally filtered out along the way, and the water gains minerals and electrolytes. When this water gets pushed to the surface, an artesian spring is created. 

In simple terms, Flow water provides healthy minerals for ultra hydration. Oh, and it tastes delicious too! 

It’s 2019, and Flow is with the times, so they obviously have different flavors. You can get Flow Alkaline Spring Water in five different flavors: cucumber + mint, lemon + ginger, strawberry + rose, and watermelon + lime. Flavor number five is just water. Nothing special to it!

Can’t make up your mind? You can grab a 10 pack from Oasis Snacks for just $14.99, which includes all five flavors of Flow. There’s no sugar, no juice, no calories, no GMOs, no nothing. Flow is all-natural water containing minerals and electrolytes to give you the ultimate hydration experience. Do the environment - and yourself - a favor by switching to Flow Alkaline Spring Water for your daily dose of hydration.