Hal’s Limited Edition Cola-Flavored Seltzer Water is a Perfect Soda Alternative

Hal's New York Cola Seltzer WaterFor a limited-time only, Hal’s is producing a cola-flavored seltzer water. 

I know what your first thought is: if I want cola, why shouldn’t I just drink a cola?

Look, if you want a cola, drink a cola. But colas are typically produced with high-amounts of sugar and crazy ingredients that nobody knows how to pronounce. It’s simply not good for you, and not something anybody should be consuming in large quantities. 

Enter Hal’s to save the day. Hal’s seltzer water has a flavoring method that simply uses the essence of the flavor. What this means is that Hal’s doesn’t add any additional calories, sugar, or fake tasting flavor when producing their products. 

There also isn’t any calories, carbs, sodium, or sugar in Hal’s products to begin with. Their seltzer water uses all-natural ingredients, and the water is filtered five times before being bottles. 

Imagine if you could enjoy the great taste of cola by just drinking water?

It’s not a dream anymore, it’s a reality. Hal’s seltzer water is 99.999% PURE water. It’s cola flavor is no different, and it’s available for a limited time only. Get your hands on a pack from Oasis Snacks before they’re gone.