Hal’s New York Releases Coffee Seltzer

Hal's New York Coffee SeltzerHal’s New York Releases Coffee Seltzer

QUEENS, N.Y. — Hal’s Beverage is launching their newest, and most unique, flavor this January. As a part of an ongoing partnership with 7-Eleven, Hal’s has created a caffeinated Coffee flavored Seltzer that will be sold exclusively at the stores located in the 5 boroughs, Long Island and Westchester and Putnam counties. As with all other Hal’s products, this newest flavor is also all natural and locally made.


With help from their distributor Big Geyser, Hal’s Beverage hopes to make a dent in both the cold brew coffee and seltzer categories.

“We recognize that we now have loyal fans of the Hal’s brand,” said Chief Brand Officer Hayley Diamond. “We think this is going to blow their minds and give them the zero calorie, sugar free pick me up that they desire.”

January is Coffee month at 7-Eleven, so the timing works perfectly. Hal’s New York Coffee Seltzer uses real coffee concentrate and has notes of French Vanilla in both the nose and taste. It’s a beverage that’s perfect for the morning commute (if it spills on the train – no nasty coffee stain to worry about!) or during the midday “slump” that many folks experience.


“We’ve done a good job of setting ourselves apart from other major seltzer brands and we see this as another way to give our customers something special,” Diamond stated.

This will be the eighth flavor in the seltzer lineup that currently includes: Original, Black Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Vanilla Cream and Watermelon (the previous exclusive flavor for 7-Eleven). Hal’s New York also makes Ginger Ale and Diet Ginger Ale.

All Hal’s beverages, including the newest limited edition flavor will be sold at 7-Eleven for a promotional price of 2 for $2.50. After 60 days, Big Geyser will begin distributing the Coffee Hal’s to all of its customers. Hal’s has confirmed another exclusive, limited edition flavor to launch Summer 2018.