Just Ice Tea - A delicious drink that you can feel good about

An amazing thing about certain foods or drinks is that they can act like a time machine by activating our fondest memories of yesteryear.

A few sips of Just Ice Tea and you’re back to your childhood, enjoying the refreshing, cold, sweet beverage with friends on a hot Summer day. 

If you were a fan of Honest Tea before, you’re going to love the latest beverage from the founders of that product - Just Ice Tea.

As someone who cares a great deal about what I put in my body, I love the fact that Just Ice Tea is an organic product that uses ingredients that are certified Fair Trade. The tea leaves that are used to brew Just Ice Teas are never treated with pesticides, ensuring a clean and healthy product for thirsty consumers.

With six different varieties of Just Ice Tea, there is something for everyone. And depending on how sweet you prefer your tea there are a number of different sweetnesses ranging from unsweetened Green Tea all the way to “sweet enough” flavors such as Peach Oolong Tea and Berry Hibiscus.

Just Ice Tea uses all natural sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar instead of cane sugar. If you’re looking for a sweet, refreshing treat that won’t hijack your calorie count, all of the Just Ice Tea varieties are considerably lower calorie than other comparable products on the market.

Finding a sweetened beverage that you can feel good about drinking can be a challenge these days, but Just Ice Tea has created a line of drinks that fit that description perfectly.

Take advantage of the offers available here at Oasis snacks and grab a 12-pack of your favorite variety today! You won’t regret it! In fact, your taste buds and your waistline will both thank you!