Martinelli’s Apple Juice sounds like an apple - but how does it taste?

Martinelli's Apple Juice

Martinelli’s Apple Juice is having a moment. 

How, you might ask, does a bottle of apple juice have a moment? The juice, notorious for its unique packaging, has re-emerged as a pop culture staple thanks to the social network TikTok. Many have noticed that the apple-shaped bottle of apple juice sounds like biting into an apple when you bite into the packaging. 

How did they find this out? Well, a bunch of TikTokers actually bit into the packaging! You’ve either already heard of this, or you’re feeling old right now for a variety of reasons. But if you don’t believe it, take a look:

It’s unbelievable. It actually sounds like an apple! But all these people who are trying the challenge are now stuck with Martinelli’s on their hands. The question is, does it taste as good as it sounds?

The answer is yes. Don’t sleep on Martinelli’s. This isn’t the first time it’s had a moment in the sun; the bottle was Aziz Ansari’s juice of choice in his Netflix Series Master of None. It’s become the stuff of legends at this point, but it deserves it. Martinelli’s delivers the classically delightful taste of apple juice. It’s a perfect thirst quencher whether you have it with your breakfast or for a late-night delight. 

Trust us - this stuff is legit. It’s 100% pure apple juice from US grown fresh apples. The only ingredient in this stuff is apples. Have kids? They’ll love it. Don’t have kids? You’ll love it! 

Don’t be left out of the Martinelli’s moment. You can get a pack of plastic bottles delivered directly to your door from Oasis Snacks if you want to take a bite and see the apple magic for yourself. Or if you’d prefer to just, you know, drink the juice, you can also get it in glass bottles for a great price from Oasis.