No, Hydrogen Water Isn’t Just Water - It’s Better!

We all thought about it the first time we heard about hydrogen water. Whether it was from a friend, from the store, or even from this article, one question popped into all of our heads: isnt water already hydrogen water?

HFactor Hydrogen-Infused Water

Yes and no. Of course, waters H2O makeup includes hydrogen. But Hydrogen Water is something different. Something better. Something that may change your life!

Regular water only contains two molecules of hydrogen - hence the 2 in H2O. But hydrogen water ups the ante with the hydrogen count. Studies have shown that adding more hydrogen into water has benefits such as reducing wrinkles and inflammation, bone loss, and helping metabolize glucose and fat at a rapid rate.

Best of all, only two glasses of hydrogen water a day is needed for these benefits, much less than the eight to ten glasses recommended for normal water!

Many brands have jumped into the hydrogen water game, but our personal favorite is HFACTOR. The simple reason is that they add in hydrogen cleanly. No need for intrusions or additives, HFACTOR engineered their own reverse osmosis method to combine the two ingredients and increase the hydrogen count of the product!

HFACTOR even enhances the typical benefits of water. This drink will increase your performance and recovery, and can even disrupt allergic reactions!

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