Recess Sparkling Water provides a whole new kind of wellness

Recess Sparkling Water

Everybody has different memories when they think of the term recess. You might think back to your younger days at school. - Everyone thought recess was simply a time to have fun. You went outside, threw a ball around, played on the playground, chatted with friends. However you wanted to spend your 30 minutes of freedom, you could. 

As adults, we can look back and appreciate the true purpose of recess: to reset and rebalance the students for the rest of their day. Like work, school was a daily grind that required attention and effort. Six straight hours of it is tough. Everyone needs a break. 

Reset and rebalance is exactly what Recess Sparkling Water sets out to do. Recess implements hemp extract and adaptogens into their delicious sparkling water to help you gain composure for the rest of your day. 

So what exactly is the purpose of hemp extract? Well, hemp contains helpful compounds that attach to receptors in your brain and immune system to assist with a range of daily activities. Your body produces these compounds naturally, and they assist with mood, pain, memory, inflammation, and appetite. In a nutshell, hemp extract is meant to improve your performance on a daily basis. 

Adaptogens help our body adapt to stress, heightened energy, and boost endurance. Essentially, Recess combines the two ingredients to help keep our systems in balance.

Recess Sparkling Water is available in three delicious flavors: Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pomegranate Hibiscus. Can’t make up your mind on which flavor to get? You can grab a variety 12-pack from Oasis Snacks featuring all three flavors! 

As Recess likes to say, they canned a feeling. If you need balance and clarity back in your life, take a Recess.