Smart Sweets - A Healthy Snacker’s Dream Come True



If you’re got a sweet tooth like we do, but are worried about your daily sugar intake, then the line of treats from Smart Sweets is exactly what you need.

Recently it’s become pretty well-established that too much sugar is what is driving a lot of health issues in our country. But we’re programmed to like sweet things and we shouldn’t have to totally deprive ourselves of some yummy treats, right?

That’s where Smart Sweets comes in. The company is committed to creating healthier candy options that can satisfy our sweet tooths without the negative health effects of excess sugar consumption.

Smart Sweets uses plant-based fiber in their candies and there are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. They use only natural, non-GMO ingredients. If you’re someone who cares a lot about what you put into your body (or what you allow your kids to eat) that matters a lot!

Each 1.8 ounce bag of treats has only 1-4 grams of sugar (depending on the type of treat.) These convenient serving sizes are ideal for the health conscious eater (and parent) as there is no need to have to dole out portion sizes. Enjoy a bag of candy without an ounce of regret or the sugar crash that comes from eating too much traditional candy!

Smart Sweets have successfully created an entire line of products that will replace your favorite sugary treats. Do you love peach rings, watermelon bites, sour gummies, and licorice twists as much as we do? They have gummy bears, lollipops, and even caramels (one of our favorites), too!

When it comes to snacking, we firmly believe in “quality over quantity” and Smart Sweets delivers a line of products that are delicious and healthy. Whether you buy them for yourself or for the little snackers you love, you can feel confident that you’re going to get a high quality product that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Grab a six pack or twelve pack of your favorite Smart Sweets treats today at Oasis Snacks and enjoy some guilt-free snacking!