Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost Sparkling Water is a holiday miracle

Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost

Did you know that you can bottle the taste of the holidays?

We're not sure if you can either, but we believe Sparkling Ice has come the closest to doing it with their limited edition holiday product. Introducing Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost. The drink is so full of cheer and chills that they had to knit a sweater onto the bottle!

If you’re not familiar with Sparkling Ice, it’s about time you get familiar. They’re all about giving you the best sparkling water on the planet, delivering drinks that taste good and leave you feeling good. 

How is that even possible with water? Well, Sparkling Ice products contain natural flavors, natural colors, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and zero sugars. Best of all, you’re getting the benefits of drinking a simple bottle of water with the flavors of something better.

Whether you’re new to sparkling water or a sparkling vet, December is the perfect time to get your hands on a bottle of Cranberry Frost. Engineering this product was a true holiday miracle, and the result is something that Frosty would be proud of. 

If you’re feeling jolly, you can get the best deals on Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost from Oasis Snacks. And you better not think twice. They’ll only be here for a limited time!