Sweet Leaf Tea is Completely Organic - and Delicious!

Sweet Leaf Tea

Looking for a bottled tea that’s both organic and delicious? Whether you prefer sweet tea, iced tea, green tea, or just about any other kind of tea, there’s only one brand you need to know: Sweet Leaf Tea!

Born in Austin, Texas over 20 years ago, Sweet Leaf Tea prides itself on putting a delicious organic blend in each flavor. You can actually pronounce all the ingredients used in their products. Most of them start with a simple base of water, tea, and real cane sugar. Lemon, raspberry, peach, and the other fruits and flavors are added later.

Sweet Leaf Tea takes great pride in their heritage. Their products are just as authentic as Austin itself. In their own words, they keep it weird, organic, and simple, just like the state capital down in Texas.

No matter what kind of tea you prefer, Sweet Leaf Tea has likely got you covered. Products include a lemon or peach unsweet tea, a lemon or “Texas Honey” semisweet tea, a citrus or mint and honey green tea, a peach or raspberry iced tea, and a half and half Arnold Palmer style lemonade tea. If you’d like to keep it simple, you can always stick with the original sweet tea blend. It’s their favorite anyways! You can get all of these flavors at a discounted rate from Oasis Snacks.

It’s rare when a brand can say they have something for everybody, Sweet Leaf Tea really does. Show up to a friends house with a few different flavors and everybody will have something to satisfy them.

Writing this up has got me thirsty. I think I’ll go grab a bottle of Sweet Leaf half and half lemonade tea from my fridge. I’d say you should stock up your fridge with some today!