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Arizona Santa Fe Sparkling Water, Lemon, 16oz (Pack of 12)

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Sparkling water with a splash of real fruit, Santa Fé is taking bubbles to the next level. Keep it classic with refreshingly fizzy Santa Fé Sparkling Lemon!

  • Made with Real Juice
  • Only 1 Calorie
  • 0 Grams of Sugar
  • Non GMO
  • Kosher

-REAL FRUIT - Arizona Santa Fe brings out the taste that nature intended. Santa Fe is not your ordinary flavored water. It contains no artificial ingredients that mask the flavor of real fruit.
-LOW CALORIE - Only 1 calorie per can. Ditch your sugary bottled soda and savor sparkling lemon water without the guilt.
-NON GMO - All of the good none of the bad. Enjoy a satisfying beverage without those harmful additives commonly found in diet drinks. Available in 5 exciting flavors. Grab a Variety Pack and try them all.
-ZERO SUGAR - 0 sugar but lots of taste. Each can of Santa Fe Lemon contains real fruit juice. Buy in bulk and save. Get your case of bubbly water today!
-REFRESHING - Bored with ordinary lemonade? Quench your thirst with this light and flavor-filled, carbonated sparkling water that's truly delicious. Available in 12 pack cases of 16-ounce bottles. Save when buying in bulk.

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