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BYLT Superior Hydration Sports Drink, Lemon Lime, 16 oz (Pack of 12)

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- THE BETTER SPORTS DRINK: while most sports drinks are just water, sugar, sodium and artificial flavors, BYLT is packed with science-proven, healthy ingredients to offer superior hydration, performance, endurance and muscle recovery
- SCIENCE-BACKED EFFECTIVENESS: BYLT rehydration drink contains patent pending Outlast Amino (fermented BCAAs to enhance muscle recovery and Palatinose a SmartCarb that offers sustained energy; HydroMax optimizes hydration while Spectra provides antioxidants
- REPLENISH WHAT YOU LOST THROUGH SWEAT: the natural hydration drink you choose matters when performance matters; BYLT comes enriched with electrolytes that replenish essential minerals lost through sweating to keep your body in top form pre, post and during workout
- KEEPING IT REAL: the best sports drink that you can get your hands on, BYLT doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or even caffeine; it’s naturally flavored and colored by lemon extracts for guilt-free enjoyment every time
- CLEAN, SAFE PERFORMANCE EVEN FOR THE PROFESSIONALS: BYLT sport drink has been certified by NSF, Informed-Choice and Informed Sport (quality assurance programs for sports nutrition products) to contain zero banned substances; when it’s safe and clean for professional athletes, it’s great for you too

BYLT® advanced hydration sports drink is scientifically formulated to improve performance, enhance endurance and muscle recovery, and buffer the lactic acid from training allowing you to train longer and harder. Whether you are looking to achieve optimal performance on the baseball field, basketball court, on the soccer field or in the gym, Beyond Your Limit Training™ (BYLT®) will help give you that competitive edge you’re looking for.”