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Calypso Limeade, Pineapple Peach, 16oz (Pack of 12) - Oasis Snacks

Calypso Limeade, Pineapple Peach, 16oz (Pack of 12)

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  • Just like with our Lemonades, we wanted to carry our “Taste of the Islands” feeling into our Limeades. What better way to do this than to use the most recognized tropical fruit, pineapple!
  • Made with Real Lemon or Lime Bits and Natural Flavors
  • Served in Premium Custom 16 Fl Oz Glass Bottles.

Calypso, the originator of the flavored lemonade category, has evolved from four lemonade blends into over a dozen lemonade, limeade, and tea and lemonade combinations over the past eighteen years. Each Calypso is made with real lemon or lime bits, real sugar, natural flavors and served in premium custom glass bottles