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Clean Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate, Lemon Lime, 16oz (Pack of 12)

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  • BETTER CAFFEINE CLEAN Cause blends fair trade yerba mate tea with organic, sparkling flavors to fuel your refreshment.
  • FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY. 160mg of natural caffeine per can. Yerba Mate is said to provide longer lasting, sustained energy without the undesirable side effects of coffee or energy drinks.
  • THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE. Low calorie and Low sugar. Crafted with USDA Certified Organic ingredients, CLEAN Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and is vegan and gluten free.
  • WE RUN ON BETTER CAFFEINE. Crisp, thirst-quenching sparkling yerba mate tea in four delicious flavors. Available in Peach, Lemon Lime, Raspberry, and Blackberry. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. if you don't like your purchase for any reason, we'll make it right.

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Our mission is to support individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction by creating a sustainable source of funding for recovery efforts. These sober living scholarships, or CLEAN Kickstarts, help to afford individuals the opportunity to focus on establishing a recovery routine and finding employment.

All the energy, none of the crash. Our Sparkling Yerba Mate provides sustained energy and focus, without the crash or jitters.

Every can of CLEAN Cause contains 160mg of Better Caffeine and each sip supports recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

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We are dedicated to bringing you the CLEANest Beverage in every possible way. With our NEW Zero Calorie CLEAN, you can have all the caffeine without any of the guilt. Zero calories, Zero sugar, Zero guilt.

Our Organic Sparkling Yerba Mate is the premium pick-me-up that won’t let you down.

Unlike other sugary drinks, CLEAN Cause Is made with only high quality, all natural organic ingredients.