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Elmhurst Oat Latte, Cacao, 12oz (Pack of 12)

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  • Cacao Oat Latte: This time-honored cacao and oat milk beverage is rejuvenated by oat milk and Omega-3.
  • Elmhurst Oat Lattes: With our oat latte line, enjoy classic coffee and tea favorites in a bold new style. Available in Matcha, Flash Brew, Cacao, and Golden Milk latte flavors
  • Hydrorelease Method: This zero waste process uses just water to separate the nutritional components of the nut, seed, or grain. This means superior nutrition, flavor, and creaminess with fewer ingredients
  • Delicious Versatility: Try Elmhurst non-dairy milks and creamers for a variety of uses beyond coffee. Enjoy the creaminess and nutrition in cereal, hot chocolate, cooking, smoothies, soups, and baking
  • Elmhurst: From nut to grain, unsweetened to barista, our diverse collection of plant milks is unified by a commitment to simplicity. Explore all of the better possibilities Elmhurst has to give

In 2016, Henry Schwartz closed New York City's last dairy, Elmhurst. This wasn't easy; Elmhurst had been in his family over 90 years, since his father and uncle hand-bottled and delivered milk to Queens and Brooklyn in a truck full of ice blocks. The cows had long since gone, but a famous tradition had ended ... until 2017 when Elmhurst reappeared as, of all things, an innovative plant milk complany