Enhanced pH Water Variety Pack - Core Hydation, Essentia, BodyArmor Superwater- 20 Fl Oz (12 Pack) - Oasis Snacks

Enhanced pH Water Variety Pack - Core Hydation, Essentia, BodyArmor Superwater- 20 Fl Oz (12 Pack)

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- Water Variety pack comes with 3 of the best enchanced water brands.
- 4 20oz Bottles of each brand: Core Hydration, Essentia, and BodyArmor Superwater
- Core Hydration: pH Balanced, Ultra Purified, Cup Cap makes sharing easier
- Essentia: 99.9% pure, 9.5pH ionized alkaline water, Trace amounts of electrolytes for taste.
- BodyArmor Superwater: Electrolytes for Sports, Sport Performance pH, Wide-mouth Bottle

This Water Variety pack includes 3 of the best enhanced pH water brands out there: Core Hydration, Essentia, and BodyArmor Superwater. 4 bottles of each brand 

CORE Hydration Core Hydration is ultra purified and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to work in harmony with your body’s natural pH of 7.4*. Hydrate with the award winning clean, crisp taste of CORE and enjoy staying balanced.

Essentia Enhanced Water Essentia Water provides unmatched hydration, health benefits and smooth taste. Its superior hydrating qualities come from a special electrolyte formula and optimal pH level of 9.5, which gives your body more of what it needs to thrive. Drinking Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system and helps bring your body back into balance. It also helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and more

Body Armor Superwater Superwater from Body Armor is great Electrolytes, High performance pH in a Wide-mouth bottle. Helps maintain fluid balance, especially after a tough workout. Our hard earned sweat contains both water and electrolytes, which is why rehydration is so important. Additionally, our bodies need electrolytes to help with muscle contraction, nerve signaling, bone health and to prevent muscle cramping. The pH in BODYARMOR Water is naturally alkaline and formulated to be the best tasting, hydrating water for the athlete of all ages and abilities.