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fairlife YUP! 2% Reduced Fat, Ultra-Filtered Milk, Very Strawberry, 14 fl oz (Pack of 12) - Oasis Snacks

fairlife YUP! 2% Reduced Fat, Ultra-Filtered Milk, Very Strawberry, 14 fl oz (Pack of 12)

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- Contains 12 - 14 fluid ounce single serve, shelf stable bottles. Great for lunch boxes or on-the-go
- All Natural Flavors, 16gr protein per bottle, 25% less sugar*. *compared to ordinary low fat chocolate milk
- Made with 1% low fat, fairlife ultra-filtered milk and fewer calories*. *compared to ordinary low fat chocolate milk
- Creamy taste kick and better for you, Fairlife YUP! Is the boldly flavored milk just for you!
- fairlife YUP! ultra-filtered strawberry milk has the flavor you’re craving. Its strawberry taste is as bold and unique as you are.

fairlife founders

About fairlife
  • fairlife is a Chicago-based company that produces delicious, nutrient-dense milk beverages.
  • We use quality cow’s milk & cold filtration to remove lactose & sugars, maximizing natural proteins.

Our promise

The idea for this One Of A Kind milk began at our kitchen table over 20 years ago.

Our goal is to provide better nutrition while making the world a better place. Our fairlife farmers provide high-quality milk, filtered for wholesome nutrition with care taken at every step.

  • Extraordinary care and comfort for our cows
  • Exceptional quality milk standards
  • Traceability back to our farms
  • Continual pursuit of sustainable farming

Real milk, ultra-filtered

Our filtration process was inspired by the same process that removes impurities from water. Milk from our family-owned dairy farms flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness for more of what you want and less of what you don’t. More protein, more calcium and less sugar.

A focus on animal care

Co-founder Mike McCloskey got his start as a veterinarian specializing in dairy cows, so we know how important it is to put our cows’ needs first. And since comfortable, healthy cows produce better quality milk, they reward us with some of the best milk in the industry.

Stewards of sustainability

We recognize our responsibility to the land we inhabit, and atmosphere stewardship is one of our key values. We have challenged ourselves to lead the agricultural industry in innovative, practical and efficient solutions to leave this planet a little bit healthier every day.

Vitality to the people

Milk is a fresh, delicious source of the building blocks you need for your busy life. Dairy protein gives you the energy you need, and calcium keeps you strong. By gently filtering our milk, we are able to concentrate its natural protein and calcium to bring you more of what you want in one of the most wholesome sources of nutrition on the planet.