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Forager Project, Organic Grain-Free Gluten-Free Cinnamon Cereal, 8 Ounce

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- RETHINK BREAKFAST: Low in sugar but packed with protein and fiber, start the day with Forager Os.
- CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Thanks to nutrient-rich ingredients like navy beans and cassava root, our grain-free cereal is a healthier choice. It delivers the energy you need to fuel your body while tasting delicious.
- PLANT-BASED: Certified vegan and dairy-free, our cereal is good for the environment and your body. Not only are plant-based diets easier on the planet, they can also help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
- MADE FOR ALL: A great choice for low-sugar, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, high protein and gluten free diets. Made with wholesome, natural ingredients, our cereal is kosher and certified USDA organic.
- FOOD WITH INTENTION: Forager Project is family-owned and operated company crafting plant-based foods in California since 2013 with a mission to improve human and planet health.

Start Your Day with Grain-Free Goodness

Loved by kids and kids at heart, cereal is a breakfast classic and an amazing snack. But if
you’ve ever been brave enough to read the ingredient list, you likely noticed lots of sugar and
artificial flavors.

Instead, why not wake up with Forager Project’s Organic Grain-Free Cereal Os? Crunchy, tasty
and low in sugar, they offer the nostalgia you crave without the empty calories.

With toasted cassava root and navy beans, our cereal is deliciously wholesome. Packed with
fiber and protein, it delivers the energy boost your body needs. Certified vegan and dairy-free,
our recipes are made with sustainable ingredients. Not only does it reduce our environmental
impact, it can also help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Made in small batches in California, we thoughtfully fill every box with goodness. Certified
USDA organic and soy, grain and gluten-free, we never use any toxic chemicals or artificial

Why Choose Our Grain-Free Cereal Os?

- Low-sugar alternative to traditional cereals
- Made with wholesome navy beans and cassava root
- Vegan, plant-based and made with sustainable ingredients
- USDA organic and grain, soy and gluten-free