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GuS Soda Dry Cranberry Lime 12 Oz - Multi Pack

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- 100% Natural
- Not too sweet
- 95 Calories
- lightly sweetened cranberry lime soda with real juices

GuS Dry Cranberry Lime soda is a refreshing marriage of tart cranberries and sweet sour limes. The cranberry, the uniquely North American fruit, when blended with flavorful limes creates a one of a kind taste combination.


From the Manufacturer




Founded in 2003 by Steve and Jeannette, a husband-and-wife team, GuS was what the founders and their friends were looking for in a beverage; something not so sweet like all the sodas out there. But not so dull and lifeless like flavored seltzers and waters. Or artificial, like diet drinks.

Steve grew up in a household where his father added seltzer to everything. This was done to cut the sweetness and make juice and soda lighter and more refreshing. It also reduced the calories, but that wasn’t really the point. Now that tradition continues with Grown-up Soda. They’re distinctive sodas made with real juice and natural extracts, and only lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Best of all, they’re enjoyed by grown-ups of all ages!

GuS Soda - Crisp


A Dry Taste.  Made with about 40% less sugar than typical sodas,  GuS Sodas lack the cloying sweetness found in mainstream sodas. Real juices, natural extracts and a light amount of cane sugar give our sodas a dry, refreshing “grown-up” taste profile. This crisp, less-sweet taste makes them an ideal accompaniment to fine food and as a base for easy-to-make cocktails.



Simple Ingredients.  Our sodas contain simple ingredients without containing any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. We source only the highest quality juices, natural extracts and flavors, and cane sugar to provide a pure, clean and sophisticated taste. Instead of using off-tasting low-calorie sweeteners or filler juices, we simply cut back the sugar to achieve a grown-up taste profile.



Made In Small Batches.  As a small, family-owned business founded in 2003, we take pride in making our product in small batches using a limitedproduction bottling process. This ensures that raw materials are fresher, batches are watched closely for quality, and inventory holding is minimized. As owners, we only produce what we’d be proud to serve in our own household.