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Iberia Lightly Salted Plantain Chips, Saladito, 3 oz (Pack of 24)

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- Premium quality plantain chips in a variety of flavors
- No trans fat, No cholesterol
- Less calories than potato chips
- Cooked to perfection
- Case of 24- 3.2 Oz packages

plantain chips

In South America and Mexico, plantain chips are considered the equivalent to potato chips in the United States. These crunchy and salty fried plantain chips are a delicious alternative to potato chips. Try Iberia Chips and you will understand why they are so popular around the world.

garlic plantain chips

salted plantain chips

sweet plantain chips


Iberia Garlic Plantain Chips

Iberia Garlic Plaintain Chips are a vegan and paleo friendly-snack that will squash any savory snack craving. These crunchy, all-natural plantain chips are coated with the delicious and bold taste of real garlic. Shake up a wan snacking routine with the help of Garlic Plantain Chips!

Iberia Salted Plantain Chips

A crunchy, healthy alternative to traditional snacks, our salted plantain chips start off with select green plantains, shipped daily from our suppliers in Central America.

We use carefully selected, high quality Plantains that are sliced and fried in pure palm oil for a light and crispy snack that can be enjoyed with dips or straight from the bag – available in a variety of delicious flavors.

Iberia Naturally Sweet Plantain Chips

Ripe plantain produces a naturally sweet chip that will indulge your senses to higher levels.Our superior ingredients, minimal processing and unparalleled freshness resonate with customers. That’s why our clients choose our cholesterol-free plantain chips. A crunchy, healthy alternative to traditional snacks

Iberia Tostones Plantain Chips

Made from a selected ripe plantain, palm oil, and sea salt - for a fresh, delicious, and healthy snack.These thick cut plantain chips are just as fresh and delicious as if you were making them at home. The traditional twice fried plantains chips give you crispy deliciousness that you won’t want to put down.

vegetable chips

Iberia Vegetable Chips (Potato, Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Cassava Chips)

Iberia Vegetable chips are a tasty and colorful assortment of sweet potatoes chips, potato chips, beetroot chips and cassava chips. Made with real vegetables. With 0mg of cholesterol and 0g of trans fat and no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives, you can snack without guilt. Packed with fiber, these vegetable chips are a healthy snack option that contains less fat than regular chips. Vegetables have never tasted this good before…