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Joe Tea, Ginseng Green Tea, 20oz (Pack of 12)

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- Joe Tea is a cool and refreshing alternative to the bland ordinary teas you get everywhere else.
- Ginseng Green Tea is no ordinary green tea, but has a combination of ginseng, guarana and echinacea flavor.
- Grab a bottle of Joe Tea when you need to guzzle on a hot summer day.
- Get hep to the real good stuff!

I think my green tea is no ordinary green tea! Some green teas are blahhhhh. (Or worse.) Not this one. Not only is it extraordinarily refreshing, it’s got a nice “zip” to it. What does that mean?  It takes you on a smooth ride that lights up your taste buds – the perfect companion for your next Off Road adventure! So when you’re ready to go green, think JOE TEA Green Tea. Enjoy!