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JUST Water Infused Spring Water, Blackberry, 16.9 oz (Pack of 12)

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- RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: We only bottle a fraction of our source’s excess spring water, and we pay fairly for it, providing jobs and putting money back into the city. We’re proudly B Corp certified.
- ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The JUST Water bottle is made from 82% renewable resources using paper from sustainably managed forests, so carbon emissions are reduced by up to 74% compared to an average plastic water bottle.
- PURE SPRING WATER: Sourced from Glens Falls, NY where spring water is abundant, JUST Water is pure, refreshing and a naturally alkaline still spring water with a high pH of 8.0.
- ORGANIC BLACKBERRY FLAVOR: Our pure spring water is gently infused with organic blackberries to create a refreshing fruit flavored water. The water infusion has no artificial additives or sugar and is calorie free.
- BETTER THAN PLASTIC: BPA Free and fully recyclable, our water is bottled (or boxed) in a design that features a wider neck for easier water refills

JUST WATER Packaged water with a purpose

Water sustains all of us, but it’s not unlimited. JUST Water is sustainably sourced, natural still spring water that you can feel good about drinking. Every choice we make is considered, from where our natural spring water comes from, to the organic essences derived from organic blackberries that we use to infuse the water with flavor, to the materials that are used to make our ocean conscience bottle. When it comes to our environment, we know that one bottle might not change the world. But it’s a start.

Our natural still spring water comes from Glens Falls, NY. They collect 3 billion gallons of natural spring water a year that gets replenished by snow and rain in the Adirondack Mountains. We bottle a fraction of their excess natural spring water, and pay fairly for it, so we’re providing a new source of income for the community. Because our water comes from a mountain spring, it’s naturally alkaline, with a high pH of 8.0. We boil organic blackberry, collect the blackberry-infused vapor, and then incorporate it back into the water. It has zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives, zero sweeteners, and zero calories! We package our naturally alkaline spring water in an environmentally considerate bottle that’s made with renewable materials like paper and sugarcane. The plant-based bottle is designed to protect the natural spring water inside from ambient flavors, so it always has a pure, crisp taste.

JUST Water Spring Water

Packaged water with a purpose

Making positive changes for ourselves and our planet can feel overwhelming. We relate to that; it’s what inspired us to make JUST.

Be part of the solution

JUST Water Infused - Organic Blackberry

JUST Water Infused - Organic Blackberry

JUST Water Infused - Organic Blackberry

JUST Water Infused - Organic Blackberry

Pure spring water

Crisp, refreshing spring water from the Adirondack Mountains with naturally occurring pH8 and mineral content. It is pumped from a reliably plentiful source. Three billion gallons a year plentiful.

Low carbon footprint

Our carton is made from 54% paper and 28% plant-based plastic which results in a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a standard plastic bottle.

Renewable packaging

When our carton does get used, it can then go on to become tissues, paper towels, or building materials.


Our carton purposefully has a wide neck so you can refill it as much as you like.

Our infused flavors

JUST Water Infused - Organic Blackberry