KITU Super Creamer Lactose Free Zero Sugar High Protein, Half & Half , 25.4 oz (Pack of 6)

KITU Super Creamer Lactose Free Zero Sugar High Protein, Half & Half , 25.4 oz (Pack of 6)

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- DELICIOUS: Its rich and full of flavor without making you feel slow and bogged down.
- ENERGY BOOSTING: Healthy fuel for morning workouts and focused energy for those late nights in the library.
- NUTRITIOUS: 3 grams of Protein and 5 grams of healthy fat from MCT Oil in every serving.
- VERSATILE: Whether you are making a flat white, cortado, matcha latte or putting it in decaf, Super Creamer is the perfect pairing for all beverages, hot and cold.
- FAMILY BUSINESS: It all started in our little brother's dorm room... Tired of unhealthy energy drinks, he wanted more from his day. Crafted out of necessity, Super Coffee is for those who refuse to settle. The way that it is, is not the way that it has to be. Create Your Future. - Jordan, Jake and Jimmy

vanilla hazelnut orignial creamer

Our Story

As a collegiate student-athlete, I was tired. My campus store offered the usual bottled coffees and energy drinks loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Refusing to settle for the norm, I turned to a blender in my dorm room and brewed better energy with better ingredients.

Before long, my teammates, classmates, coaches, and professors were all buying my dorm room Super Coffee. That's when I teamed up with my two older brothers to bring our non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, low-calorie, sugar-free, kosher certified Super Coffee to the halls of your campus and the shelves of your local grocery store.

What started out as one kid’s energy remedy ended up fueling the whole team, the whole campus and now, Whole Foods. From the classroom to the conference room, KITU Super Coffee is here to power your passion. Cheers to a healthy, productive future!

(FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

Organic coffee bean


Our organic Colombian coffee provides 150mg of natural caffeine per bottle—the same amount of an 12oz cup of coffee. Our pesticide-free beans preserve healthy anti-oxidants that help your cells stay young and balanced.

Organic coffee is never treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

Those are not just distasteful, many are toxic and detrimental to human health. Oh, and they damage the environment and the people who work and live where conventional coffee is grown.

Super Coffee starts with the best coffee.

Lactose free protein coffee


We love the taste of creamy coffee. Our protein gives us the taste we love without the sugars and unhealthy fats in milk that slow us down.

Milk protein adds a high-quality boost of amino acids to Super Coffee that:

  • Helps you maintain lean muscle
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Enhances the texture of our beverages

We use 10 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) per bottle because WPC skims out the lactose (sugar) in the milk making it easier to digest with all of the benefits of a lean protein profile.

Super coffee, high protein


That's Right!

Our Super Coffee utilizes healthy fats for fuel! Coconut Oil has become one of the most popular "superfoods" for its powerful good fats, the elusive MCTs (Medium Chain Triglyceride). The fast-burning energy source also has some antimicrobial activity, clearing your gut of bad bacteria. MCTs are metabolized very quickly, giving you a fast-acting, sustained energy boost without the crash.

MCTs have been shown to:

  • stabilize blood-sugar levels
  • suppress appetite
  • lower cholesterol
  • improve brain function
  • increase nutrient absorption


Vanilla coffee creamer

Hazelnut coffee creamer

Original coffee creamer


Muhammad Ali would’ve drank Kitu Vanilla Super Creamer. It’s light like a butterfly. It’s rich and full of flavor without making you feel slow and bogged down. It [nutritionally] stings like a bee. In one serving, you get pumped with 5g of healthy fat (MCT Oil), 3g of protein and 0g of sugar. After adding Super Creamer to your favorite cup of coffee, you’ll win your own Thrilla in Vanilla.


Don’t let the subtle notes of sweet, wild Hazelnuts deceive you—as decadent as this looks, tastes and smells, our Hazelnut flavor is 100% sugar free. Behind the powerful flavor is 40g of lactose-free protein in every carton. That’s real power. Your home brewed coffee that was once weak, can now be made strong. Why dilute the flavor of your coffee when you can enhance it? Why water down your energy when you can increase it? Charge up your morning routine with positive energy.


Kitu Original Super Creamer is the creamer next door: It’s beautiful. The package itself stands out among the other items in your refrigerator. It’s dependable. Creamer is hands down the most satisfying, flavorful creamer on the market. It’s health conscious. With 0g of sugar, 5g of healthy fat (MCT Oil) and 3g of protein, Creamer is the perfect match for your bold cup of coffee. Original Super Creamer is the perfect soulmate to your cup of joe.