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Mash 6 Flavor Variety 16 Oz Plastic Bottles (Pack of 12)

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- Natural Fruit Essence
- 80 Calories Per Serving
- A Water Drink
- 6 Flavor Variety Pack : 2 x (Pommegranate + Blue Berry), 2 x (Ripe Mango + Blood Orange), 2 x (Grape Fruit + Citrus Zing), 2 x (Lemon Peel + Ginger Root), 2 (Watermelon Lemon Lime), 2 (Pineapple Coconut)

This Variety Pack Contains: 2 Pommegranate + Blue Berry, 2 Ripe Mango + Blood Orange, 2 Grape Fruit + Citrus Zing, 2 Lemon Peel + Ginger Root, 2 Watermelon Lemon Lime, 2 Pineapple Coconut

WHY WE MASH? MASH was conceived with everyone in mind, taking all that's good from a number of well-liked beverages. It's not 100% juice, it's not soda-pop, nor will you get energy or vitamins from it (we still believe in getting a good night's sleep and eating your vegetables). But you will love its natural fruit essence and its very light sweetness (and low calories!). So whatever you do study, MASH is for you...when you're looking for something to drink other than water (water water, that is).