Monster Energy Juice Ultra 12 Flavor Variety Pack, 16oz Cans (Pack of 12) - Oasis Snacks

Monster Energy Juice Ultra 12 Flavor Variety Pack, 16oz Cans (Pack of 12)

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- Unleash the Beast!
- 140mg of caffeine per can
- Monster packs a powerful punch but has a smooth easy drinking flavor
- (1) of Each Flavor - Khaos, Pipeline Punch, Pacific Punch, Mango Loco, Ultra Violet, Ultra Sunrise, Ultra Black, Ultra Red, Zero Ultra, Ultra Zero, Lo-Carb, Original

Pacific Punch Lighter, less sweet and more complex. A flavor as deep and wide as its name sake the great Pacific. 

Khaos an insane Juice-Monster hybrid bubbling with the great Monster taste and the big bad buzz you know and love. 

Pipleline Punch The perfect blend of the best flavors Hawaii has to offer - passion fruit, orange & guava, then "Monsterized" with a full load of our famous energy blend. 

Mango Loco A heavenly blend of exotic juices certain to attract even the most stubborn spirit. 

Monster Absolutely Zero helps fight fatigue, improve mental performance and focus, and motivates you to work ( I mean play ) harder 

Lo-Carb Low calories, no compromise. That’s what Lo-carb Monster Energy is all about. 

Zero Ultra A little less sweet, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend. 

Ultra Blue In honor of these mountain towns, best served ice cold from the frosty can, little less sweet and lighter-tasting with zero calories 

Ultra Red: Light, crisp, refreshing with zero calories and zero sugar. 

Ultra Sunrise Dedicated to those who sacrifice sleep for passion: catching waves at dawn patrol, up on the bike when the morning dew gives the dirt more grip, or the first pass on that glassy lake kicking off an epic wake session light, crisp, and refreshing with a flavor all its own After all it`s always sunrise somewhere. 

Ultra Black Crisp, slightly sweet and for a limited time only refreshingly light with zero calories and no sugar 

Ultra Violet Crisp and refreshing, with a sweet and tart pixie dust flavor 

You will receive 12 cans of each flavor in this variety pack of 16 ounce cans