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Monster Hydro Energy Drink, Watermelon, 20oz (Pack of 12)

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  • ADVANCED HYDRATION: Monster Hydro Energy Water is a well-balanced blend of electrolytes, b-vitamins, and caffeine to provide you with a thirst-quenching revitalizing beverage.
  • REFRESHING TASTE: An easy drinking refreshing flavor with the explosive taste of watermelon fruit flavor.
  • NATURAL FLAVORS: Monster Hydro is a preservative free, non-carbonated and lightly sweetened functional energy water with natural flavors.
  • ELECTROLYTES: Essential for hydration and replenishment. (Na+K) and B-Vitamins (B3 + B6)

Monster Hydro has key functional ingredients like BCAAs, calcium, magnesium and additional caffeine, delivering a true multifunctional, performance hybrid drink that quenches thirst and offers superior hydration as well! Hard-Charging Hydration! Total Caffeine: 150mg Per Bottle