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NxtBar Protein Bars, Cookie Dough, 1.98oz (Pack of 12)

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  • Chocolate Cookie Dough -- Crush your cravings with this childhood favorite. Made with nature’s finest ingredients for guilt-free indulgence. NxtBar’s Cookie Dough keto protein bar is a deliciously paleo snack that’s full of flavor, healthy fueling fat, and protein-packed power at just 210 calories per bar. It is perfect as a keto breakfast bar and can be a meal replacement too!
  • Nxt Generation Optimized Macro Bars -- NxtBars are the only high protein low carb snacks that have less than 2g of sugar, 1-5g net carbs, and provides 15g of protein. Our nutrition bars are totally gluten free, non-GMO, hormone free, and include pure paleo-approved ingredients that are freshly sourced and all natural. NxtBar is the perfect fuel for your body and guaranteed to be your “Nxt” favorite keto bars snack.
  • Nxt Level Ultra Clean Energy Bar -- formulated to fuel your body during your weight loss or fitness journey with natural satisfying superfood ingredients like heart healthy almonds, organic pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, and almond butter no sugar added. NxtBar uses natural, plant based sweeteners like stevia leaf and monk fruit extract with no glycemic impact.
  • Nxt to None, 7X Less Sugar -- We’ve created the tastiest, best keto low carb protein bars with 100% real ingredients. It contains 7x less sugar than other “clean” protein bars. It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or refined carbs that cause blood sugar spikes, bloating, and headaches -- unlike a protein shake, candy bar, or the leading brand of high protein granola bars.
  • Deliciously Soft & Chewy -- NxtBar keto protein bars are delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chewy energy bars that keep you fueled and satisfy cravings. Perfect on the go as keto breakfast bars after intermittent fasting, a before or after workout food, healthy snack food bar, or meal replacement bars.

The Cleanest, Best-Tasting Keto Bar on the Planet

Curb your cravings with amazing flavor, all-natural ingredients, and high nutritional content of these keto bars. NxtBar is the only keto protein bar that tastes delicious and helps you stay full, focused, and properly fueled on a Keto or Paleo diet.

- Low glycemic impact
- 15g Protein
- 1-5g Net Carbs
- 1g Sugar

Nxt Level Nutrition

At NxtBar, we believe that nutrition bars should be, well, nutritious! That’s why each delicious flavor of NxtBar is filled with only clean ingredients, like energizing fats, gut-healthy fiber, and revitalizing whey protein.

- No energy-draining hidden sugars
- No bloat-inducing refined carbs!