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Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn, Homestyle, 3 Ounce Bags, 30 Count Box

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- Made from our secret recipe; just a sprinkle of salt and that beautiful buttery taste
- Try our best butter ever!
- In a bowl or on the go, Pop Secret is your perfect side-kick snack to all kinds of shenanigans
- non-GMO corn, 100% whole grain, 0g trans fat
- 30 count box of 3oz microwave popcorn bags


Pick Your Favorite

At Pop Secret, we know that cravings change on a moment by moment basis. We pride ourselves in our great tasting line of classic popcorn flavors. Each person is different, so we craft our popcorn to every taste imaginable.

We’re also innovators. We come up with interesting, mouth-watering new flavors and continuously improve our existing recipes.

Happiness starts from a kernel. That’s where we begin—create a natural, whole grain kernel and transform it into a delicious, airy, and perfectly salted everyday snack.

Pop Secret is a staple for family nights around the country, and we’re proud of bringing people together around snacking. That’s why we have so many great flavors; to accommodate all taste palates.

Airy bites of melt-in-your mouth popcorn in every Pop Secret bag. Perfectly seasoned and buttered.

There are so many ways and occasions to enjoy a bag of Pop Secret. Cook up a bag for family night, share with your friends at a party, or indulge by yourself.

With Pop Secret, it’s OK to be indecisive. We know how difficult the choice of snacking is: sweet or salty, large or small, more or less? Whether health-conscious or butter-obsessed, we have the perfect match for you.