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Snapple All Natural, Go Bananas, 16 oz Plastic Bottles (Pack of 12)

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- When we started as a small New York brand, we made our name by not being afraid to monkey around with flavors. Sometimes we go a little bananas,Lally. A sip of Go Bananas is just like biting into a freshly peeled banana. How’d we do it? All you need to know is it’s made with the Best Stuff on Earth and the taste is simply bananas.
- Made From The Best Stuff On Earth
- Whoa. Put down that air horn and take off that Viking helmet. Go Bananas is just the name of one of our delicious juice drinks, although you may start monkeying around with joy after you get a sweet taste of our banana flavor in a bottle. We know how you feel. Keep the helmet on.
- No artificial flavors

Tastes just like fruit, but Snapple.

It all started in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1972. Childhood friends Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden and Arnold Greenburg saw more potential in fruit than just something to throw in the lunchroom. They began selling fruit drinks to health food stores under the name Unadulterated Food Corporation. But where did they get the name Snapple? It actually came from a carbonated apple soda that was part of the original beverage line. The soda had a great snappy apple taste. Now that’s cleverness at its best. Fast forward to the era of hair bands and acid-washed jeans. We’re talking 1987, my friends. That’s when Snapple teas were born. Snapple Lemon Tea was first. The godfather of all Snapple teas. Today, Snapple produces more than 50 varieties of teas, juice drinks and flavored waters.

Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.