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Waterloo Sparkling Water, Blueberry, 12oz - Multi Pack

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  • FRESH RIPE BLUEBERRIES: This flavor greets you with a familiar blueberry scent, then delivers a balance of bright and fruity notes with a refreshing true-to-fruit finish your entire family will enjoy!
  • CRISP BRIGHT FLAVOR: Waterloo's process of capturing aromatic extracts from real fruit for the ultimate concentration of intense, fruit flavor, brings you the perfect sparkling beverage, better than high-sugar sodas.
  • A NEW KIND OF REVOLUTION: Waterloo Sparkling Water delivers you the freshest fruit flavors with tantalizing aromatics for a delightfully bubbly drink infused with real fruit for a deliciously light, natural flavor.
  • DO YOU WATERLOO?: We produce our delicious sparkling waters using natural ingredients like real fruit and fruit extracts for an enticing aroma, delightful flavor and refreshing mouthfeel, naturally.
  • PURELY WATERLOO: Waterloo Sparkling Water has a deliciously refreshing taste that outshines the competition. Next time you're craving bubbly, pick up a Waterloo Sparkling Water.
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zero calories no sugar

non gmo certified

BPA free lining

whole 30 approved

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